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To share with the world the words spoken by the Sovereign Lord. To tear down these pillars (religions) that teaches people "Rules" instead of who God is and what he demands of us. In the name of Jesus...Amen

We Have Answers

Many people read the Holy Bible as if it is strictly a literary piece, so they failed to understand how it applies to their lives.

People go through life never really knowing God because they fall for deceptions of this world.

Just to name a few:

  • Religion (roles, rules, and traditions)
  • Money
  • Fame
  • Self Reliance
  • Buddhist, Catholic, Hindu, Muslim..."we are all serving the same God..right?"
  • "God Doesn't Want You To Fear Him"

These worldly deceptions along with others lead people down the path to creating their own "idol" god. A god that allegedly inundates them with love without the unpleasant taste of chastisement for their unrighteous living.

 As you go through our videos you will obtain knowledge that will change your life forever. 

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